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Cheap running clinic this Sunday (July 20)

Screen shot 2011-06-17 at 2.41.53 PM

This affordable four-hour workshop offers the fundamentals of endurance to running coaches and runners. 

If you know me, you know I love to talk running. Even more, I love to learn how to get better, faster, have less injuries. How to feel better overall during a workout or race. I happily spend my hard earned dollar — when I have a few to spare, that is — on books, classes, subscriptions and coaches. I know a deal when I see one, and this is one.

This is a $55, four-hour course in Arlington put on by a new group called Running ETC. (I’ve seen folks charge $125 for a Chi running workshops and upwards of $200 for multifaceted half-day running seminars, to put the price in perspective.)

The organization is USATF backed and specializes in endurance workshops designed by experts at USA Track and Field, Texas Running Center and BSX Athletics. Sunday’s class, open to coaches and athletes, explores the conceptual and scientific basis of endurance training.

Like some of the more expensive workshops, this one offers interactive presentations along with break-out sessions for practical application.

“This course was developed for those who want to actively develop their athletic excellence and learn how to train right,” organizers say.

If the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference for which my boss, after much pleading, forked over some $300 wasn’t this weekend, I would totally be at this thing. I know I have some friends who are into coaching and serious competition who need to seize this opportunity.

The thing will be held at the Bob Duncan Recreation Center, 2800 South Center from 8-noon. You can register here.


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