White Rock Marathon

Dallas marathon eve

‘Bout to hit the sack. Sure I won’t sleep, but going to get horizontal anyway. I stayed busy this week. Now flippin’ out. Stomach in knots. Couldn’t go through with either dinner invite.

The weather for tomorrow’s race is looking pretty sketchy: 60-70 degrees, high winds. If you asked me the worst scenario for the marathon, well it would be 80+ degrees, but beyond that, it’s 60+ and windy. Give me rain, sleet or snow any day. To make matters psychologically worse, the cold front should blow in about the time the race is wrapping up. Really, Mother Nature? You are an evil B. It’s even worse for those Dallas runners who were slated to do New York and are relegated to Dallas. Two for two weather hell. (I realize complaining about weather, especially hurricanes, for running performance reasons is a totally first-world problem.)

Recently I heard the term defensive pessimism. It’s a psychological term used to describe that defense mechanism that makes us say things like: I might not even finish. Not feeling well. I will probably wind up on a stretcher again. That sort of thing. I am saying these things to myself.

I am preparing for the worst. In fact, I decided to sign up for the Vancouver marathon in the spring and continue with my one-on-one training. Due to my awesome 5-minute half marathon personal best last month, I know the plan has worked amazingly for mid-distance.

Tomorrow is not the be-all and end-all.

It’s just a chance to see how/if I have progressed through more intense training. That’s all. If this goes badly, there’s another chance in a few months.

Plus, there are a lot of fun races coming up, such as Cross Timbers. I’ll be there.

To all running tomorrow, don’t let this race define you. Unless you kick ass. Then let it define you a little bit.


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