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I am running El Scorcho, a 10-loop 50k in July. In Texas. At midnight.

I have to just come right out and say it. Until now, I’ve kind of been in denial about the fact that this thing is approaching.

Now, before you say, “this is crazy”, like my mom did, know this: I have at least two friends from my Dallas running circle who are running hundred-mile races this weekend: Dave Renfro in the Black Hills 100 and Nick Polito at Western States 100. So, crazy is all relative.

But my own personal crazy is this El Scorcho thing. Here’s what I’ve done, so far, to train.

Up until mid May, I was in marathon training mode, doing about 50 miles per week, on average in preparation for the San Diego marathon, which never happened because of a calendar SNAFU. Yes, I forgot my son was graduating from high school that weekend. Really, graduations are supposed to be in MAY, people!

Anyway, I backed off and went through about two weeks of the blues before amping back up for El Scorcho.

Week 1 – 45 miles including speedwork (4×800 at a 6:25 mm pace), a 5k race in which I ran 19:48 but learned later that the course was a bit short :(, an 18 mile run, pilates class and the rest just easy running.

Week 2: 46 miles including a 4 mile tempo run at a 7:20 pace, a 13 mile long run followed by a 13 mile trail run the next day. It was supposed to be a 20-mile trail run, but I whacked my toe and fell on my face.

Week 3: 13 miles, all in one day, plus 2 60-minute stair sessions, a pilates class and a spin class in order to stay off the toe.

Week 4: 45 miles with my long run at 17

Week 5: 62 miles including some hill work, a little tempo work, a 20-mile long run followed by a 10-mile run the next day.

Week 6: 52 miles including a 24-mile long run, and a next-day 11-mile run (half on sand!), some tempo and hill work and the rest easy running.

Week 7 (that’s now, one month out from the race): I have a 24-26 miler planned Friday night and a 10-12 miler planned Sunday a.m. as my long runs. Last night I did a fairly hard 6 x 2-mile loop at Norbuck Park, which includes a massive hill at mile one. That was among my toughest workouts yet, but I wasn’t dead at the end. And, surprisingly I did not throw up. Heat + hills usually = puke for me. I plan to get in 65-68 miles this week, which will be the peak mileage of my training.

For the next three weeks after this I will reduce all of my long runs to less than 16 miles, though I might do one 10-mile double this Saturday, depending on how I feel. I will increase the intensity a bit while making my runs shorter.

Anyway, if anyone else is running this, or has run it, I’d love to hear your tips.


4 thoughts on “I am running El Scorcho, a 10-loop 50k in July. In Texas. At midnight.

  1. This would be my 4th Scorcho, and second 50 k, Just take one loop at a time, your GI may act a bit crazy since we’re running at midnight, hydrate, hydrate, since you’re way faster than me, you probable be done under 5 hrs. šŸ™‚

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