The White Rock Marathon is history

Posted on the Advocate blog May 23, 2012 

What we know as the White Rock Marathon or The Rock, will now be simply Dallas Marathon.

Today the race committee announced a major rebrand that included dropping “White Rock” and unveiling a new logo, pictured left with executive director Marcus Grunewald.

The change signifies a partnership with the city and the growth of the event, organizers say.

“The new name is indicative of our renewed partnership with the City of Dallas, and consistent with our goal to attract more participants,“ said Kevin Snyder, chairman of the Dallas Marathon board of trustees. “As one of the oldest, largest and best-organized running events in Dallas, we share a mutual desire with the city to highlight Dallas’ spectacular assets to a growing field of visiting and local runners each year.”

The new course has not been revealed yet, but Grunewald tells us it will incorporate much of the old course but will also allow for traffic entrance and exit from Lakewood and other East Dallas neighborhoods, which has been problematic in past years.

All of this comes on the heels of a location change announcement, which we wrote about in March and the promotion of Grunewald from race director to executive director.

The response to this news has been radical. Here are a few examples of the comments I received on the other blog:

Unfortunate. So much for Run the Rock.

Not sure how this would increase attendance. It’s management and quality that draws in people; not a name.

The City’s War on White Rock Continues!   


Dallas has no soul. It is always trying to be something else, some other city. Why can it not foster its own personality and history? Always on to the next bright, shiny new thing.

I’m sure we’ll all get over it. 


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