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What to wear running

In Texas the summers are hard, but at least we know what to expect: hot — like 100 degrees at night hot. Sometimes there’s rain, but we are prepared for that. When it’s going to rain in Texas in the summer, we are giddy with anticipation days in advance. Winter is a different story. The December White Rock Marathon or the March Rock ‘n’ Roll Half could be 20 degrees or 80 degrees. Snow, rain, 40-mph winds or beating sun, or all three, might greet you  — there’s no telling.

Over the weekend I was rooting around for my tights and gloves, since my long run featured 30-degree temps and high winds, but today, my (hill run day) features 65-degree temps and (OF FU*&ING COURSE) high winds again.

The last thing I want to think about when I prepare for a run is what to wear and I certainly don’t want to wind up out there inappropriately dressed – especially overdressed. That’s the worst.

That’s why I am digging this nifty ‘what to wear’ tool on I saw it back in the summer and thought, pffft. I know what to wear — same every day.

But now, with all the confusion of winter, I’m all: yeah, please dress me, computer.


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