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2011 running highlights

I had some great experiences in the past year. I meant to post my 2011 gratitude list closer to the new year. I got sidetracked. Better late than never.

January 2011—Went to the 3M Half Marathon with my buddies from the White Rock Running Co-op. It was hot. Someone had told us 3M was all downhill. Now, we should have known that was too good to be true. Oh, and did I mention it was hot (and humid)? Nonetheless, we had a fine time and most of us had a decent performance, despite the day’s unwelcome sauna-ness.

3M Half in Austin, January 2011

February 2011—I’m injured, but I discovered Bikram Yoga, which I wrote about here.

March 2011—The Trinity River Levee Run. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this race over the years. This time around, I didn’t plan on running it but that morning I was straggling and missed my group run so I decided at the last minute to run the levee. I placed third overall female in the 10k. I didn’t see many of my friends, like the year before (pictured), which might explain why I placed so high. The new course is quite good, not on gravel and I recommend it this year. Seriously. Go ahead and register for it.

Trinity Levee Run, March 2010

April 2011 —I went to Boston. Though I’d been injured, I decided at the last minute to run since I was registered. Crammed in some training runs, secured a room with my long lost cousin and his wonderful family, and had an amazing time. I mean, my marathon time wasn’t the best, but my experience was awesome. If you are at the Boston expo this year, I recommend seeing these guys; they really made my weekend.

May—Sister’s wedding in Las Vegas. When the rest were sleeping and nursing massive hangovers, I eased some stress by running around Las Vegas during the early morning hours.

A run down the strip

June—Mexico. My mother told me not to go running in Mexico, that my head would wind up in a bag. but I found the people of Playa Del Carmen to be quite friendly. The dogs, not so much, but the people: nice. Close second: night running.

One of several stray dogs encountered during run in Playa
Beach run
Futbol game breaks out
More beach run — 88 degrees at 8 a.m.
Can be a jerk 🙂

July—Too Hot to Handle 15k. It was one for the books; my training buddy Chris Stratton (below) did his usual summer routine which consists partly of mocking those of us who race in the Texas summer.

August—Area 51 half marathon. Note: from all the traveling, you’d think I was rich. Not true. I find flight deals and mooch off generous friends such as Marlena in San Diego (below), my sister in Las Vegas and my cousin Dan in Boston.

Marlena, the alien and me

September—met running legend Peter Snell and his wife, Miki. By the way, Snell is interviewed in this month’s Running Times; his name is on the cover under “Why Endurance Training Works”. Also in September, training season is underway. I love running with this group.

Peter Snell, our neighbor, in the small print

October—run with the squid. I brought my daughter, who joined her 8th grade cross country team this year, to a race, The Dallas Running Club’s Loop 15k at White Rock Lake. She ran her first ever 5k in about 30 minutes. To make things better, I had a perfect run that day. Second, traveled to Chicago with husband, went running in the rain and happened upon a race.

My daughter, Morgan — not quite ready to commit to running

November —Philly. As promised to myself when I wrote about my heartbreaking marathon, the painful memories have faded and what remains are lessons learned and recollections of a hell of a  fight to the finish.

The Philly crew - many incredible performances and a few bombs

December—White Rock. I didn’t run it — in fact I sat out the whole month of December with an injury — but I got to see lots of people finish a marathon in the rain, which is super cool. Also got to work the expo booth with my buddies from White Rock Running Co-op.

Happy New Year!


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