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Joplin marathoners and putting things in perspective

Photo by Advocate photographer Ben Hager

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself this morning, hobbling back to my car after a 20 miler, left at mile 13 by my pace group, who just couldn’t keep stopping and waiting for me to catch up (embarrassing).

The tears were welling up as I said ‘goodbye’ to my fellow runners — most of them had already settled in at Fuzzy’s Taco by the time I finished.

I turned on the car and NPR was playing a piece about the Joplin Road Runners, a running group in Joplin, MO gearing up for the city’s marathon, which is tomorrow. (I can’t find the actual story online yet).

One of the runners, a fast marathoner who had run college track, was recovering from a broken leg sustained when the tornado last summer picked him up and tossed him into his next door neighbor’s back yard. Same tornado turned his house into a pile of sticks — on the bright side, he said he dug up a couple running medals in the debris recently.

Anyway, he says he is disappointed that won’t be running the marathon tomorrow, but he is happy that he can get in “a few painful miles a week”.

Showed me, huh?


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