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I like this race director a lot

A handwritten note from the ET Full Moon races director

I got this in the mail this weekend …

A few weeks ago I told you guys about the ET Full Moon (and half) Marathon and 51k, a unique and unforgettable midnight moonlit race outside Area 51.

Due to participant error (a few people signed up for the half marathon but ran the 10k) there was a mix-up in the results.

Over the weekend, I received this note from the race director, Joyce Forier: “Congratulations on your first place finish … I am so sorry that the girl who switched (races) took your glory!”

Wow. You won’t see that often. Then again, this woman and her Calico Racing series is not the norm.

**As a disliker of Rock ‘n’ Roll events, crowds of participants who care more about t-shirts than mile splits, and the increasingly ridiculous commercialization of the sport (in many cases, these days, marathons are more of an expensive social event than an athletic competition — so much for the loneliness of the long distance runner, but I digress), I love Forier’s style.

She is a badass, for one: Aside from race directing, she’s run 63 marathons in 34 states, completed eight Ironman triathlons,  12 ultramarathons (including the famous Comrades of South Africa and two 100 milers) and served as crew/pacer for Badwater five times, to name a few.

Not to mention, she’s a Sagittarius, like yours truly, to which she attributes her “wanderlust” nature.

During the aforementioned desert race, during which I experienced a few logistical snafus myself, Forier registered runners and handed out race packets, loaded the buses, calmly got two lost buses of runners back on track, announced the start of each race (a 51k, marathon, half marathon and 10k), greeted runners at the finish line — those are just a few things I personally witnessed. I also rode a bus with a couple of her volunteers — they looked like college kids — who talked about her as if she was some sort of visionary running guru.

Like them, I am a believer.  She has several Las Vegas area races slated throughout the year, including a Hoover Dam marathon and half Oct. 29 that I am seriously considering.

It’s a month out from the Philadelphia Marathon, for which I am in full training mode right now, so I’m thinking the half would be perfect …

**I realize that was sort-of a mean spirited rant about Rock ‘n’ Roll events and such, but I am going to let it stand … I really don’t like them.


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