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Pre-race ritual: surfing and a long desert drive

This is me with my surf coach Shea at Cardiff by the Sea. Cali!

It’s 4 p.m. two days before my long-awaited midnight desert half marathon, and I am climbing a hill, sweating inside a wetsuit, carrying a 10-foot foam surfboard on my head.

Something tells me the days’ cross training would not be recommended in such close proximity to race day, but …who the hell cares? I have a sh*t-eating grin on my face (who thought up that gross expression, by the way?).  After all, I have just done something I have wanted to do since childhood: I stood up on a board, on a wave. Wobbly, no doubt, but I did it.

Explain: I made a quick detour through San Diego — a.k.a. paradise — on my way to Vegas. I talked my buddy Marlena into running the 10k. We also walked hiked 10 miles yesterday – good idea? Later this morning, we head for the desert.

More on the race, pics soon.


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