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Notes from a Friday

Despite the awesome Dallas Mavericks high this whole city has been enjoying, it’s a been very long week. I can’t go public with details, but there has been one costly car wreck, an in-home cold war, a hospital visit (unrelated to car wreck, in which no one but the car was injured) and chaos in the office, to name a few.

Wednesday night was cool— I partook in the Run My Hood program organized by the White Rock Co-Op. We met in North Richardson, where there happens to be some hellacious hills.

Doing this again tonight, sounds better than hanging at home, suffering from insomnia and feeling down about the lightless tunnel I seem to be traveling right now. Tonight I’ll do the 20 at/near White Rock Lake trail.

On another note: There are some great pics from the recent Bloomin’ 4 Mile on the Dallas Running Club Flickr page. Luckily there were no photos of me running (because I always look as if my face is melting off in those), well, except this one of my shadow, which is kind-a cool …

Me and my shadow, closing in on the finish line.

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