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Training for midnight desert run, hills and heat

This is the Extraterrestrial Highway on which I will run a midnight 13.1 in August.

Last week I started preparing more seriously for the August 13 ET Full Moon Marathon. I am tackling the half. I know it will pain me to run just a half when a full and a 51k is also offered, but I want to be fresh and ready for Philly Marathon. So no excessive distances for now. Anyway, the significant incline over first half of the race should provide a solid challenge.

In order to have fun and do well at the ET, I need to find and train on as many hills as I can. Last week I found a route that goes from my house to Flag Pole Hill then back through the rolling White Rock Hills neighborhood before getting back on Audelia. Audelia Road is good because it has some lengthy inclines and descents. Tuesday I ran the 4-mile route, did eight hill repeats on Flag Pole and ran home for an 11-mile, 95-degree run. Made it home just in time for Mavs tipoff!

Saw the Tuesday Night Track peeps, including Vishal Patel and David Renfro from Dallas Running Club, at Flag Pole. They looked slightly less miserable than me, but then the TNT group had a jug of cold Gatorade (had I known it was their hill night, I would have adjusted my timing to workout with them). David is getting married Saturday and then traveling to Europe with his new bride — he mentioned that this might cut in to his training for an upcoming 50 miler. Runners are funny/insane, no? Did Bikram yoga last night and I plan a progression run tonight and a 20 miler Friday night.

Frequent age group winner Joyce Mah and me before the Dallas Running Club Bloomin' 4 Miler.

Tested out summer racing last Saturday at the Bloomin 4 mile, in which I was the second overall female despite running at about a cooler weather half-marathon race pace. So hot. There was a great turnout, despite the heat. More than 600 runners. The race charity this month was the really cool nonprofit group Back on My Feet, which engages the homeless population in running as a means to build self-esteem, confidence and strength. I think I might need to learn more about them.

This weekend, many Dallasites will run the Wounded Warrior Half — here’s hoping it’s a great one.


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