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Race schedule and how do I train for a real hill?

OK- here’s the plan.

I have registered for the Nov. 20 Philadelphia Marathon. I’ve dreamed of visiting many places and use marathons as a centerpiece for my travels, but Philadelphia, PA hasn’t exactly been one of my dream destinations. All I really know about Philly is the Eagles (booo!), cheesesteaks and a real good, if depressing, movie starring Tom Hanks as a young businessman dying from AIDS.

But, running Philly allows me to train with my longtime running mentor Chris Stratton, who promises that this season we are going all out, balls-to-the-wall, 3:1X marathon or bust (that means the goal will be something under a 3:20, tbd as the season unfolds). And it seems he’s rallied a dozen or so of our friends to run it too, so, whatever happens, it will be a fun trip.

We will start the serious training in about six weeks and I’ll keep up with it in detail here.

Meanwhile, I needed something more immediate to hold my running attention. I needed an adventure. I thought about running El Scorcho in Fort Worth, but it sold out. Then I saw this: The ET Full Moon Midnight Marathon.

Runners take a bus from Las Vegas into the little desert town of Rachel, NV and run a course along the Extra Terrestrial Highway outside Area 51. This is right up my alley. I hope my sister, who lives in Vegas, will let me crash there. I will run just the half this time because I promised to stay “fresh” for fall training, and because the race has a 1,000-foot climb and starts at altitude — I have no idea how I will handle that.

If anyone out there knows how to train for altitude and a 1,000-foot climb (over about 6 miles) here in flat-axx Dallas, please advise.

Last night I ran from my house to Flag Pole Hill and found some nice hills in the neighborhood behind Flag Pole, but I don’t think there’s anything around here to prepare me for a big long climb like that.



2 thoughts on “Race schedule and how do I train for a real hill?

  1. I showed my class a short video of Nevada the other day and they mentioned the ET Marathon. I was somewhat surprised to see that the highway was anything but flat. I always thought I wanted to run it, but the elevation map has changed my mind! Yikes! Good luck!

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