Triathlon news, and why I’ll probably just stick to running for now

I told you that the sport of triathlon was trending these days. I mother/triathlete who co-authored the book “Hot, Sweaty Mamas” will be in town over the weekend to promote the book and run around White Rock Lake with one of her Ironman training partners, Laura Herrick.

The Morning News running columnist Debbie Fetterman has details about the appearances in Dallas (White Rock, Cooper Aerobics), Plano and Coppell.

In case you didn’t click the link in the first line, it links to a post on the Advocate blog about a new triathlon training center opening in the White Rock area. Here’s a second chance to read about that.

Personally, I would love to do a triathlon some day. It looks like so much fun. In fact, when I need to watch something motivational, I watch, on, Hulu Chrissy Wellington win the 2008 Ironman Championship. I mean the chick gets a flat tire, screws up her air cartridge, waits around for some good sport to help out, and then totally comes back.

It is insane. (I’ve embedded the show below). But, for one thing, I can’t really afford a good bike, and even if I bought one, I am not really good at taking care of expensive things. Just ask my Garmin watch.

I love running because of its simplicity. Good shoes and a sturdy sports bra are about all I really need. Laws require that I also wear pants, but you get the idea.

Oh, and anyone who has witnessed my attempt at swimming in the lanes at LA Fitness (after they finish laughing at the memory) would tell you I have lots of work cut out for me. Below is the link to that Hulu video I told you about.

Click below to watch the 2008 Ford Ironman World Championships.


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